Cheap Gaming Headset – Top 5 Best Headsets on a Budget

For a superb overall gaming experience, one must have a great PC along with accessories that suit your style perfectly. An accessory that is often overlooked in terms of its importance, is the gaming headset. A good gaming headset can be the difference between you being an average gamer and a pro. This applies especially to the FPS space when you have to hear every foot step or someone breathing behind you in clock mode.

If you are not a tight budget, or you’d rather allocate your resources to other gaming elements, well not to worry! We’ve come up with a list of some great but cheap headsets for gaming so that you can stay on top of your competition.

Top 5 Best Cheap Headsets for Gaming in 2017

5. SADES SA807 Stereo Gaming Headset

Decent budget headset for multi-platforming from Sades

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The SADES SA-807 has a number of features that we found were quite appealing. The ear cushion padding was something we liked very much. You can play on for a number of hours, and this headphone does not hurt much. The comfort though will come at a cost.

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Whilst this sits on your ear comfortably gaps arise which allows some sound to escape. Once you hold the piece tight against your ears the sound quality goes up a couple of notches.

If you are on a budget, it can be safe to assume that you might not be using two headphones a lot during the day. The SADES SA807 can be used with your phone, tablet, PS4, Xbox one and more devices, lending that much-desired flexibility.

Xbox 360 users might need to buy an adapter separately to use this though. A solid choice nonetheless, for the casual gamer who is looking for a new super cool pair of headphones. The black and blue design indeed looks stunning!

SADES SA807 Stereo
7.8 Editors Raiting
-Multi-Platform -
Xbox, PS4, Mac, iPod, PC
-Extremely comfortable
on the ears
-Sound quality
is not perfect
Sound Quality7


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4. Bengoo G1000 Stereo PC Gaming Headset

A gaming headset for those truly on a budget

image of cheap but great headset Buy From Amazon

When one refers to the value for money, the Bengoo G1000 must definitely spring to mind. One of our favorites on the list also happens to be the most economical too.

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First up, the external design looks great with the tech patterns that are lit up with a LED. You can choose from 7 breathing LED colors. For a lot of gamers, what the headset looks like is not much of a concern considering when they are wearing it they cannot see it. Nonetheless, a great choice for folks looking for something flashy.

Now turning to the actual performance. The bass quality for the price range is where this headset shines through. The padded earmuffs really do isolate the sound and cut out any external noise.

The chord is quite long which gives you freedom of movement. If you are the type to switch between a PC and a PlayStation, well, you can’t. This headphone only works with the PC which seems alright considering the price.

Prolonged use of the microphone has brought some issues with respect to durability but still, doesn’t detract from the fact that this makes for a great entry-level investment.


Bengoo G1000 Stereo
7.9 Editors Raiting
-Good bass
-Changeable LED
colour options
-Superb Value
for money
-Does not work
cross platform
-Occasional durability
issues with the mic
Sound Quality7

3. APIE Gaming Headset

Great value for money


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Moving onto the APIE gaming headset. First up, we can’t help notice how massive this gaming headset is. This can be a positive or a negative based your own preference. The quality, however, is not subject to any debate in our opinion.

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When it comes to performance for the price not many headsets come close to the APIE. The sound quality is extremely rich and clear for a stereo headset. The intelligent extreme bass is really good too.

From a comfort standpoint, the pads and adjustable headbands make for a great gaming experience only in spurts. Due to its size, it’s probably best if you take this off one every few hours to give yourself a rest. Again the LED lights make for a cool exterior and are a plus but is a mere icing on the cake for a gaming headset that truly delivers amazing sound.

Apie Headset
8.2 Editors Raiting
-A+ sound quality for
a stereo headset
Value for money
-Slightly on the
massive side
Sound Quality8

2. HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset

Incredible headset that rivals the best non-budget gaming headset

image of the best cheap headset for gaming

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Now we come to the HyperX Cloud Stinger, a well-known brand amongst hard-core gamers. This headset is extremely light and has cross-platform compatibility to give you a really flexible user experience.

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The rotating ear cups and the memory foam make for a comfortable gaming experience, in short bursts. We thought this headset was lacking on the design side of things. From the exterior, this headset looks like just another piece instead of having a distinct gaming feel about it. The noise cancellation headphones are top-notch.

One thing we didn’t like was that this set wasn’t a 5.1 or a 7.1. Hyper X could have provided users with a better surround sound experience for the price. Nonetheless, the sound quality was very good and features like the intuitive volume control were really useful. A solid choice for the everyday gamer.

HyperX Cloud Stinger
8.7 Editors Raiting
-Lightweight with 90
degree rotating cups
-Fantastic comfort
Static issues
Cable cannot be
disconnected from
the headset
Sound Quality9

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Logitech cut the price in half with the G430, but not the quality


image of cheapest logitech headset

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If you think just because you are on a budget an immersive 7.1, 360-degree sound field experience is out of your reach? Well the Logitech G430 really makes you rethink that.

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This gaming headset is economically priced offering some amazing sound quality, soft and comfortable experience. The noise canceling microphone is not slouched either but there are some issues with the durability of this headset and microphone in particular.

Performance wise this headset is probably the best on our list with PS4 compatibility available too. An amazing headset for FPS games particularly. You can hear everything from footsteps in different directions to the activity going on overhead. A must-have for any hard-core FPS gamer.

Logitech G430
8.7 Editors Raiting
-PC & PS4 compatibility.
-Dolby 7.1 surround sound
-gaming headset
-Extremely long cord.
-Best overall headset
of its price range
-Durability of
microphone is
Sound Quality9

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