Best Wireless Mouse – 6 Wireless Gaming Mice Tested

A good wireless gaming mouse is hard to come by, especially when compared to wired. Nevertheless, we have done our best to find the very best wireless mice.

If you have been gaming for a while and have a beefed up gaming rig at home, then you might know a thing or two about how annoying wires can be. Depending on your setup you can have more than ten wires around your table. Hence, wireless devices have become ever popular over the years.

Yes, wireless mice can add to the convenience and aesthetics but you might have to sacrifice some performance. It is quite well-known that acceleration is very important during gaming and this is where wired devices tend to have an edge. Nonetheless, we have compiled a list of the best wireless mice for gaming that are extremely good performance wise.

Note: Polling Rate is basically the frequency with which the mouse reports its position to the computer each second.  A polling or return rate of 500Hz equates to about a 2ms response time & A rate of 1000Hz equates to a 1ms response time.

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1. Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum

Undoubtedly the best wireless mouse on the market

Image of the best Logitech Wireless mouse

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The pricier the better is usually far from the truth, but in the case of the Logitech G900, it is just that.

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Where do we begin? This mouse has everything from one of the best optical sensors to one of the best battery life offerings too. To top things off this mouse is ambidextrous as well. This feature was one of the few that did a bit to justify the pricing. Nonetheless, this mouse is well suited for the hard-core gamer.

It’s one of the few mice around where the wireless and wired options function equally well.

The RGB color options really light up the mouse well without it being too flashy.

The max DPI offering for 1200 was very good and a significant improvement on the G602 and 700 series from Logitech. Whilst you’re gaming, you can cover every pixel on the map with great accuracy.

We feel this is definitely one that rivals or surpasses many mice from brands like Razer and SteelSeries. It is one of the very few wireless gaming mice, that works as good as its wired counterparts. So if you can look past the price tag, this is as good as it gets.


  • Wired & Wireless Mouse
  • PMW3366 Optical Sensor
  • 12000 DPI
  • 1 Millisecond reporting time
  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Weight 3.8 ounces
  • Up to 30 hours battery life
Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum
8.6 Editors Raiting
The Good
+Amazing Battery Life
+Excellent performance
and responsiveness
+On par with wired
gaming mice
The Bad
-A bit pricey
-Not for the
-palm grippers

2. SteelSeries Sensei Wireless Gaming Mouse

Wireless monster, just shy of being the best

Image of SteelSeries wireless mouse

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The Sensei mouse, a wireless offering by SteelSeries is a classic SteelSeries mouse, especially aesthetically. The minimalistic design is vintage SteelSeries and the overall design is extremely comfortable, irrespective of the grip style employed. The claw fingertip grip is suggested for maximum comfort.

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A weird thing we noticed was that the mouse needs to be seated just right for charging to take place. Most of the time we may simply place the mouse quickly, and even though it looks right the mouse doesn’t charge. A simpler design should have definitely been employed for ease of use.

What we did like was that you can customize everything from lift distance, DPI and more. The laser sensor delivers excellent precision and this mouse has great acceleration for a wireless variant.

To sum up, this mouse does deliver great performance for the avid gamer and also offers great customizability to the SteelSeries engine software. The mouse falls a bit short of justifying the price tag due to the cons we outlined earlier, plus the customer support might be a challenge to get through at times too.


  • Wireless/ Optional Wired capability
  • Laser Sensor
  • 8 Programmable buttons
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces
  • 16 hours battery life
  • 8200 CPI
SteelSeries Wireless Mouse
8.5 Editors Raiting
The Good
+Great ergonomics
Adjustable lift distance
+Good performance
The Bad
-Customer Service
is not great
-Charging base
design could be better


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3. Logitech G602

Ergonomic wonder with quite a lot of raw power for a wireless mouse

image of wireless mouse from logitech

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Not quite as powerful as the G900, but still one of the absolute best wireless mice for gaming.

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We were very excited to try the Logitech G602 since we have so much love for the G502. And my unrealistic dream was that it was pretty much the same but wireless. That dream was obviously stupid since a wireless mouse cannot have the same specifications and performance as its wired competitors. So I found myself being a little disappointed, but for the wrong reasons. I have not used a wireless mouse for gaming purposes for probably 10 years. And I forgot how they run short in every way, compared to wired mice.

that being said, this wireless gaming mouse is as good as they come. Firstly its battery lifetime is just insane(250 hours), which is obviously a crucial point when looking at wireless gaming equipment. This is possible due to the high-accuracy Delta Zero sensor technology that was developed specifically for this mouse. This technology achieves to match that of even the best wireless mice in performance, whilst doubling up on battery lifetime.

 Its performance in terms of speed and precision are lackluster when used to wired gaming mice. But it is far superior to any other wireless option we tested.

Like with most mice from the Logitech G series, the grip is outstanding. But the extra weight, caused by the battery etc. Makes it a little less comfortable than others of the same series. The key bindings are not as effectively placed as on the G502, but most of them are still very easy to use. It also has a quite effective DPI adjustment button, but the DPI is obviously quite low compared to the other products on this list.

Final Verdict

If you are looking to play at a competitive level, then you should NOT get a wireless mouse. The technology is simply not there yet, for it to be worth. But if you are dead set on getting a wireless mouse, then this is one of the best options and I highly recommend it.

The Logitech G900 Chaos Spectrum is actually a better option than this one, performance wise. The reason it was not our pick for ‘best wireless mouse’ is simply that it has an enormous price tag. and the value for money, simply does not make it worth in our opinion.

Like any other wireless option, you will experience the occasional stuttering when the battery is low. But compared to other wireless options, it actually manages to feel quite smooth, and the stutter was very rare and short.


  • Up to 250 hours of battery life
  • high-accuracy Delta Zero sensor technology
  • 11 Programmable Buttons
  • 250-2500 DPI
  • Wireless
Logitech G602
8.2 Editors Raiting
The Good
+ Great battery
+ Amazing grip
+ Streamlined software
+ Tons of key-bindings
+ Affordable
The Bad
- Cluttered thumb

4. E-Blue Mazer II

Brilliant mid-level mouse for the avid gamer

image of wireless gamer mouseBuy From Amazon

Finally, we come to the MAZER II by E-Blue, a mouse that can bridge the gap between passionate gamers and beginners. Mazers are often written off as poor quality Razers but this mouse more than holds its own.

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It is the perfect mouse as you evolve from a rookie to a novice level gamer.

At first glance, the mouse looks stunning with a cool LED lit rubberized scroll wheel.

The mouse, unlike the SteelSeries or razer, makes use of AA batteries. The mouse does last extremely long on these though. A lot of people may see the AA batteries as a con, but in terms of battery lifetime there is no doubt that this mouse is the king.

We felt the polling rate can be a bit higher considering mice like the TeckNet offers almost double the polling rate. This is the mouse’s biggest drawback, especially when you are playing games like DOTA and LoL, a report every 4ms is quite slow. If you spend a lot of time at work and then pop out for some casual gaming during the nights then this mouse is a very convenient option indeed.


  • Optical Sensor
  • 250 D0PI
  • 7 buttons
  • 250 Hz Polling Rate
  • Weight: 10.6 ounces
  • AA battery lasts for months
E-Blue Mazer II
8.2 Editors Raiting
The Good
+Value for Money
+Great durability &
solid entry level
The Bad
-Works well only
for right handers
-Middle click button

5. Razer Naga Epic Chroma Wireless

Timeless classic makes a smooth transition to wireless

Image of Razer mmo wireless gaming mouseBuy From Amazon

Ah, Razer! One look will make most gamers want to own one. Realistically, let’s delve into what this mouse has to offer. The Razer Naga Epic is perfect for MMO gamers. Even by Razer standards, this mouse feels as good as it looks. The finish is excellent and exudes quality.

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Performance wise this mouse can leave you a bit frustrated at times. We noticed that the mouse tends to jump or can have tracking issues, especially when you game for longer hours.

A major con for us was the fact that the battery doesn’t last quite as long as advertised. With the light settings at low or even turned off we were just about able to eek the number of hours into the double digits.

Other than some of these issues which are oftentimes sporadic, this mouse is quite special when it functions correctly.

The DPI may not be as high as the wired version but this mouse allows you to continue playing while it’s charging too.

The massive amount of customizable buttons can be a bit overwhelming but for seasoned MMO players, this will be easy to master. A definite contender for Razer fans who don’t like wires.


  • 4G Laser Sensor
  • 8200 DPI
  • 19 MMO programmable buttons
  • 1ms response rate
  • Weight: 0.33 lbs
  • 20 hours approximate battery life (If gaming continuously)
Razer Naga Wireless
7.9 Editors Raiting
The Good
+Stunning aesthetics
The Bad
-Compatibility issues
for MAC users.
-Minor tracking issues
-Questionable battery

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6. TeckNet RAPTOR Prime

The definition of value for money

Image of best cheap gaming mouse

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Time to look at the the solid and ever popular TecKNet Raptor. If you are looking for the biggest bang for your buck then this is it. This mouse delivers great entry-level performance and is quite durable when used for everyday tasks as well as light gaming.

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The sleek design is a deviation from traditional mouse designs but is comfortable nonetheless.

If you are entering into the FPS space this mouse should suit you well. On the other hand, if you are into MMOs and MOBAs, then you might want some more customizability and buttons.

The LED lighting adjusts based on the DPI setting which is pretty cool. However, it might have been better if TeckNet had gone for multiple colors instead of the LED just getting brighter and brighter.

The mouse is extremely lightweight as well. A few more ounces would enhance the feel of this already very accurate mouse.


  • Optical
  • 4000 DPI
  • 500Hz Return Rate
  • Weight: 3 ounces
  • 8 buttons
  • AA Battery – 12 months battery life~

TeckNet RAPTOR Prime
7.9 Editors Raiting
The Good
+Very inexpensive
+Extremely good
design for comfort
The Bad
-No programmable
-Performance not smooth
enough for hard-core

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Wireless MiceBattery TypeConnectivitySensorWeightRating
Tecknet RaptorAAWireless 2.4 GHz Radio FrequencyOptical Sensor3.1 ounces7.9/10
Logitech G900Lithium ion batteriesUSB/Wireless 2.4 GHz Radio FrequencyOptical Gaming Sensor3.8 ounces8.6/10
Razer Naga WirelessLithium ion batteriesUSB 1.0/2.4 GHz Radio FrequencyLaser Sensor12.2 ounces7.9/10
SteelSeries SenseiCharging Base/USB(16 hours)Wired/Wireless USB, Radio frequency2.4GHzLaser Sensor4.2 ounces8.5/10
E-Blue MazerAlkalineUSB 2.0Avago Optical4.94 ounces8.3/10
Logitech G602AAUSB 3.0Delta Zera Sensor15.2 ounces8/10

Things to consider before buying a wireless mouse

Although wireless mice have their spot in the gaming world, there is a lot of things you should consider before buying wireless. Since they generally do worse than their wired counterparts.

Wireless vs Wired 

Wired mouse does offer a lot more value on the dollar. Simply because the technology required to make an equally good wireless mouse is more advanced and therefore more expensive. In other words, it is almost impossible for them to make a 60$ wireless mouse that can compete with a wired mouse of the same price class.

Common issues with wireless mice are:

  • Tracking issues: Mice that does not have a constant source of power tend to sometimes have tracking issues. Which basically mean that the mouse’ polling rate stops working for a millisecond or two, causing your cursor to lag. This problem is quite normal in almost all budget and semi-budget wireless mice. Even some high-end wireless mouse also have this issue.
  • Poor battery: The big difference between wired and wireless is obviously that it has to run on batteries. The problem with this is the same as it is with phones. The more times you charge it above its maximum battery capacity, the worse the battery gets. So over time, you may only be able to run a 1 hour or 2. The solution is to either get a semi-wired, which mean you can charge while you play and/or get a smart charger which stops charging when the maximum capacity is reached. However, this is quite expensive and the battery will still get worse over time, just slower.
  • Durability/lifespan: This is a follow-up on the point above. The battery in a wireless mouse is much more likely to get worn down than any other component in a gaming mouse. Meaning that wireless mice almost never have a long lifespan compared to wired mice that can basically go on for an entire decade without issues. It can help to get a mouse that uses AA batteries instead of having an interior battery since they last much longer and also don’t get worn down, since you use new ones each time. A good example is the Logitech G602, which is likely the most durable wireless mouse on the market.
  • Pricey: A general rule is that you have to double the money if you want a wireless mouse that performs equally good as a wired one. A good example is the Logitech G900 which is among one of the few wireless mice that perform like a high-end wired mouse, but it really comes with a big price tag. But if you want a decent wireless mouse, you need to go hard or go home.

So unless you really feel like wireless is a must have, we still recommend getting a corded one instead.

Wireless Mice Q&A

Q: Is it possible to get a wireless mouse that performs on par with a corded one?

A: Yes, but it will cost you a lot. Mice like the Logitech G900 and SteelSeries Sensei wireless are prime examples on mice that perform on par with good wired gaming mice, but they are also extremely pricey.

Q: Do any professional gamers even use wireless?

A: Except for a very few pro gamers who use the G900, then no. Wired mice do perform a lot better, but when you make a living out of gaming, it is pretty fair to spend a LOT of money on a mouse like the G900, which can compete with the best-wired ones.

Q: Which type of battery would you recommend?

A: Honestly, far too few companies make wireless gaming mice that use AA batteries. Even Though they last for much longer than normal wireless mice and they don’t wear down the same way as the normal interior battery system. However, lithium ion batteries also do very well but is generally a little more expensive.

Q: What does semi-wireless mean?

A: It’s a function that a lot of high-end wireless mice have, which allow you to quickly plug in a wire to your mouse. This means you can play with it as a wired whenever you are low on battery and never have to stop to charge it.

Q: Optical or Laser for wireless?

A: Generally it is a very hard question to answer since they have different but equally admirable performance values. However, for wireless mice, there is a small advantage toward optical since they don’t require as much battery and generally improve the overall lifetime of the batteries. This is very generalized though, and a laser mouse can function just fine.


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