Best Wireless Gaming Headset – Top 5

On this list, we will take a look at the best wireless gaming headsets. Headphones are one of the few gaming equipment that works well enough without wires.

Traits such as agility, precision, clarity and performance are found in most pro gamers. In order to step up and deliver a great performance every time, you need the right tools to serve you.

Everything from the CPU, mouse, keyboard, to the headset, needs to be tailor-made for your style. Hence, we have come up with a comprehensive list of amazing wireless gaming headsets, built to serve any level of gamer.

In a space dominated by wired devices to deliver maximum performance, the headset area is one where you can put aside the cables and not lose a lot of performance. Let’s jump into the five headsets we think will be a good fit for most gamers.

Top 5 Wireless Headsets for Gaming in 2017

1. SteelSeries Arctis 7

Likely the best wireless gaming headset on the market

Image of Steelseries Arctis 7 wireless pc headphones

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The first on the list and by far our favorite wireless headset for gaming, it’s the Arctis 7 from Steelseries.

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The Arctis 7 by SteelSeries is probably our favorite on the list. It’s not often you get a headphone that is customizable, has great sound quality and is super comfortable.

This gaming headset is quite stunning with its simple yet high-quality design.

Built to last, this headset can serve you will for a long time. The battery life is quite good at about 14 hours.

Lag Free audio is vital during FPS, MMO and MOBA games and these headphones certainly deliver on that front.

There are things we thought could be better too. For instance, the lack of LED lights and iffy console experience casts a shadow over the hefty price tag.

The DTS 7.1 and the lightweight feel is ideal for an extended gaming session.

The VR compatibility makes this a worthwhile investment for the future too. We can safely say that this is a must have for any serious gamer as this piece certainly justifies its price tag.


  • 7.1 Dolby surround sound
  • Vr compatible
  • Works on all platforms
  • Bidirectional microphone design(noise cancellation)
  • 14 hours of battery life
SteelSeries Arctis 7 Review
8.6 Editors Raiting
+Great battery life
+Simple design but
stunning build quality
+Super comfy
+Amazing sound & base
-No LED lighting
-Console user
experience can
Sound Quality9.5

2. Corsair VOID Wireless RGB

Corsair cut the cord on the Void, but not the performance

Image of wireless pc headset

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Moving on to the wireless version of an eSport favorite, often seen used by pro gamers at tournaments like ESL, and we understand why.

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Moving on to the Corsair VOID RGB gaming headset. This piece is quite a bargain when compared to the Razer, SteelSeries or Skull Candy. The benefit in price comes at a cost though. The sound quality was great but not superb, especially the bass leaves this piece from Corsair wanting compared to others on the list.

Corsair is known for their stellar mechanical keyboards and mice just falls short of delivering the ultimate gaming headset.

We noticed that for most fits these headphones are somewhat iffy in terms of comfort, to a point where it’s very subjective.

The wireless range and battery life were very good too. We also found the noise cancellation to work very well, which is always an upside when skyping with friends.

The upsides are to be seen in terms of performance, the Dolby 7.1 quality shines through despite other subjective traits.

The mute button on the mic is well placed and comes in handy. An adjustable or foldable mic would have made this mic even better.

Nonetheless, a solid choice for someone on a budget looking for a radical looking wireless headset from a premium brand.


  • 7.1 Dolby surround Sound
  • 16 Hours of battery lifetime
  • Microfiber/memory foam earpads
  • Pc/wireless
Corsair Gaming VOID Review
8.2 Editors Raiting
+Good Price
+Awesome wireless
+Superb battery
life time
-Mic is not
-Bass could be
-Fit could be
more universal
Sound Quality8

3. Skullcandy PLYR1 7.1

Skullcandy makes a brilliant transition from music to gaming

image of wireless Skullcandy gaming headset

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Next up, it’s the PLYR1 by Skullcandy. This brand is usually associated with quality headphones for music but they take some of the best bits over to the gaming space quite well.

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The sound quality on these headphones are quite stunning everything from the Dolby Digital PLIIX 7/1 surround to the powerful bass is simply fantastic.

Sticking with the functionality we didn’t quite like the overall build quality of the piece. For the hefty price tag, the durability can be better. The battery life was about 11 hours or so which was quite good we thought.

A con for some people would be the size of the ear cups, if you have anything close to Will Smith’s ears then these headphones will disappoint.

Communication is vital for many co-ops and E-sports events and the adjustable mic doesn’t provide the necessary adjustment needed to communicate clearly.

This headset is compatible with PS3, PS4, Xbox, PC and even mobile phones so irrespective of your setup this will work.

The multi-platform functionality, combined with the incredible sound quality and the fact that it’s wireless. Makes it one of the best console headsets on the market.

Overall we felt the features could have been slightly better to justify the hefty price tag. A good buy for those who appreciate amazing sound quality and/or multi-platforming.


  • 7.1 Dolby surround sound
  • Flip-to-mute Microphone
  • Works with all platforms
Skullcandy PLYR1 Review
8.0 Editors Raiting
+Amazing sound quality
and bass
+Noise cancelling
is great
-Value for money
is not great
-Small Ear cups
Sound Quality10

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4. Sentey B-Trek H10 Headphones

A pleasant hybrid between music & gaming for the casuals

image of Sentey wireless headset

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For those looking for something in between gaming and a stylish modern headset, this is for you. A Bluetooth option, which does it surprisingly well in a gaming environment.

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Rookies, casual gamers and those on a budget, we have not abandoned you! The B-Trek H10 by Sentey is an extremely good option for those looking for good value for money. The exterior design is very Beats by Dre like and has a more everyday look to it than most gaming headsets.

The smart volume and playlist control buttons are extremely useful.

The foldable nature makes this an extremely good choice for someone looking for wireless headphones for gaming as well as everyday use.

Wires can be annoying when you want to listen to music, whilst returning home on the subway, for example. These headphones cater to these needs very well.

The sound quality is great and you don’t need any drivers to set this device up.

The battery life was quite disappointing, however, as it ranges anywhere between 2-5 hours only. This pair as you can tell by now falls short of the essentials for the pro gamer but serves entry-level gamers quite well.

This is probably the biggest surprise of the list, seeing as it does not look at all like a gaming headset. But we tested A LOT of wireless gaming headsets, and most of them did not compare to this one.

Maybe it’s because wireless headsets are mostly used with phones and console gaming. So it’s kind of natural that the best wireless headset would actually be a mix of a phone/gaming headset. With most wireless gaming gear products, the quality goes way down compared to its wired peers.

Obviously, it’s not as good as some of the other picks on this list, but it still does a phenomenal job considering it’s a wireless Bluetooth headset. The sound quality is great, especially for music, it does however not have the same raw immersive feeling as the other headsets on this list.

I did find the Bluetooth range to be kind of short. But if you’re sitting at your computer or are on the move with your phone on you, this will never be an issue.

This is not something I would highly recommend for gaming only, but more as a multi-purpose headset. If you enjoy gaming but are also often on the move where you enjoy listening to music, this is such an amazing headset. The price is great, especially considering the fact that is has a very similar design and performance as Beats by Dre. Which cost at least 5 times more. It also has a very nice foldable design, which makes it so easy to fit in your backpack and such.

In conclusion. Even though it is not a straight up gaming headset, it still works fantastically as a gaming headset. In addition to having a lot of other amazing uses.


  • Lightweight design
  • Up to 5 hours of battery when gaming
  • Multi-platform compatible 
Sentey B-Trek H10 Review
7.8 Editors Raiting
+Value for money
+Foldable headset
+Great for everyday
-Battery life could
be better
-The inline mic can
be a bit unpractical
for pro gaming
Sound Quality8

5. Logitech G930

The G930 could have been the best, but it stumble a bit over its own wireless feature

Image of Logitech headset for gaming

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Finally, we check out the fan favorite, Logitech G930. If you are looking solely for great sound quality and comfort, then this headset is certainly worth considering. It does, however, have some minor issues with its wireless connection, which sometimes stutter or falls completely out.

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At first glance, the build quality is a little disappointing, very unlike most gaming gear from Logitech. Happily, this headset has lots more to offer once you actually try it.

Comfort wise this headset is one of the best on this list. A great fit for any gamer and the sound quality actually makes mostly up for the hefty price tag.

The microphone is pretty standard as well as the battery life, which could have been a bit better considering the price.

An issue we noticed during prolonged usage is that the wireless tends to drop out. This is a vital function so this headset loses a few points on this aspect.

Wireless range, on the other hand, is quite impressive at 12+ feet.

The G-keys are great to control the audio music and other things, but we wish the software was a bit less tangled.

Durability wise this headset can last you quite a while but not a lifetime. A decent headset overall, but we think it has the potential to be the best of the lot if Logitech irons out these issues.


  • 7.1 Dolby surround sound
  • Platform: Windows
  • 12 feet wireless range
  • 6-10 hours of battery 
Logitech G930 Review
7.8 Editors Raiting
+Programmable one
touch G-Keys
+Excellent 7.1 channel
surround sound
+Very comfortable
-The design is a tad
shabby, especially
near the pivot points
-Wireless frequency
drop issues
-Tad pricey
Sound Quality9.5

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Things you should consider before buying a wireless headset

As it is with most gaming gear, wireless options tend to be inferior to their corded rivals. However, headsets may be your best option to get a wireless piece of gaming gear, which also offers great performance.

Wired Vs Wireless

Close-up image of a headset cordAs a general rule when it comes to gaming gear, you can assume that wireless is worse that wired. However, headsets may be one of the few exceptions(kinda). Headsets are one of the few pieces of gaming gear where you can get some excellent wireless options, without sacrificing too much. Even though the general rule does still apply, most wired headsets are better than wireless ones. Headsets don’t use the kind of technology that gives most wireless gaming gear problems and is therefore not generally as weak as most other wireless gear.

Where a mouse can really struggle because one of its most important factors is the polling rate, which really suffers on wireless mice. Tracking issues and all that is not as devastating or as common when it come to gaming headsets. There is a huge difference between losing your mouse in the midst of gaming and then losing our sound for a few seconds. While the stuttering sound is annoying, it is far from as bad as mouse stuttering for your gameplay, and also far less common.

The wire can actually also be way more annoying with a headset than it is with other gaming gear. It can get tangled in the wheels on your chair while gaming, thus ruining the entire headset, it can get stuck in different things if walking around with your headset and the list goes on. The point being, a wireless headset may very well be the best piece of wireless equipment you ever invested in.

Why do you want a wireless headset?

There is a surprising amount of good reasons to go for a wireless headset, compared to other gaming equipment.

Here are some reasons that we find to be legitimate reasons to choose wireless over wired.

  • To avoid cord clutter under my desk.
  • It’s more convenient when using the headset on the move for music etc.
  • I wanna use it for my console as well, without being bound by a cord.
  • I wanna use my headset a lot away from gaming

However, you should NOT get a wireless headset for any of these reasons.

  • I have enough money, I might as well get the most expensive and therefore the best( wireless headset is more expensive, but not better )
  • Sound quality: while there are some wireless options with excellent audio quality, it is more the exception than the rule.


This is short and simple, are you on a budget or do you have some extra money to spend? You should almost never opt for the wireless option if you are struggling economically unless you feel very strongly about wireless gear.

You should choose a wireless headset over a wired one if you don’t mind spending the extra money and if you have some legitimate reasons for choosing wireless. Since you will get less ”value for money” than you get with a wired headset. But there is still plenty of things about wireless that can make it worth.

Where do you use your headset?

Image of a man using his headset while biking

If you only use your headset for gaming at your home desk, then the wireless feature quickly lose value. However, if you like to take the headset with you when you take a walk when you ride your bike and other transportation situations. Then that can also make it worth alone to go for wireless.

Not to say that wireless is out of the question if you only use it at home. First of all, what kind of gaming gear is obviously op to you, but there are other pros to getting wireless as well.

A very common issue is that a lot of people’s gaming setups are cluttered with entangled wires. Which can be insanely annoying. It is also very common that a headsets wire is simply too long, causing it to be in the way of your chairs wheels or something else, which is not only annoying but can ultimately ruin the entire headset.

Wireless Headset Q&A

Questions we have received from our readers about wireless headsets.

Q: I currently use an EasySMX wireless headset when gaming, but it has the bad habit of stuttering in the midst of gaming. Is this normal with wireless headsets?

A: Unfortunately yes, but don’t fright! Even though it is a pretty common problem with budget and mid-tier wireless options, it is far from impossible to get a wireless headset without these issues. Headsets such as the Arctis 7 from Steelseries is a perfect example, it proves that wireless headset can perform on par with wired ones. It is also far more common with Bluetooth headsets, compared to a headset with a receiver/signal function. So to avoid this problem with your next headset I would recommend you don’t buy one that uses Bluetooth.

Q: Do professional gamers ever use wireless headsets?

A: Hard to say what they use in their own free time, but at eSport tournaments, it is pretty much never seen. However, it is worth considering why they don’t use wireless. They get a perfectly customized gaming setup for each specific tournament. Which pretty much eliminate the need for a wireless headset. It is also worth noting that there is no wireless version of the Hyper Xcloud 1 and 2, which is by far the most common headset among professional gamers.

Q: What kind of signal technology works best for gaming headsets? Bluetooth or USB driver?

A: Always pick the headset which uses an USB driver. Unless you want to use it for music and stuff while on the move. When it come to gaming, the USB driver will always provide a better and more lag free gaming experience.

Q: Do you recommend a wireless headset over wired?

A: No, but there is plenty of good reasons to opt for a wireless headset. Unlike it is with mice, keyboards etc. A headset does not suffer as much from being wireless, and there is actually a lot of good options out there, including our top 5 of course. However, it is more expensive than regular headsets, without actually performing better.

Q: do wireless alway have worse sound/Surround sound, compared to wired headsets?

A: No, the actual audio quality is actually able to stay relatively the same with a wireless one. However, to achieve the same audio quality, you will also have to spend a little more money. Since the wireless technology simply makes them more expensive.

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