Best MMO Mouse – 4 MMO Mice Tested & Reviewed

 In this buying guide, we will take a look at the very best MMO gaming mice. All of them fully tested and reviewed by dedicated MMO gamers.

In celebration of the 6th World Of Warcraft expansion: Legion. We decided to take a look at the very best MMO mouse currently on the market. Whether you are current, returning or just planning to join the online sensation that is World Of Warcraft, this list is for you! In order to find the best ones out there, we took a look at all the highest user rated MMO mice. Then tested them all in high-end raiding and PVP environments.

1. UtechSmart Venus Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

An MMO mouse have never felt this good

image of utech-mmo mouseBuy From Amazon

This mouse has been rated as the best MMO gaming mouse by many gaming sites/magazines, such as IGN. And it’s easy to see why when you try out this amazing gaming mouse.

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In my opinion, A LOT of MMO gaming mice feels very big and clunky because of the extra buttons and such. That is NOT the case with this beauty from UtechSmart. It has an amazing claw grip that makes it feel like it was literally made for your hands.

The fact that I choose to rate this mouse as the one with the best grip/fit does NOT mean that it’s lacking in any other regard though, quite the opposite actually.

Inside this mouse is more power than you will ever need. It’s 16400 dpi, 100hz polling rate and 30g acceleration make it among the most powerful gaming mice in the world. Unlike a lot of other mice out there, you can actually feel the raw power when using this mouse. Especially with the very visual and convenient DPI button on top of the mouse, it’s almost like changing gears in a car and it feels great.

I was a little concerned about the fact that it’s a laser mouse and not an optical. This concern, however, was, fortunately, folly. In general, I really prefer optical gaming mice, but if a laser is done right it’s not a real issue. Sadly there are very few laser mice that are done right.

Actually, laser is superior to optical on paper as it has a higher speed and precision potential. But this is also not true in the real world, where optical are 99% of the time better in terms of both speed and precision. Nonetheless, this laser mouse for Utech feels as good as any optical, which is very impressive.

Final Verdict

This mouse was truly a great surprise and I am very happy I got to try it out. It’s without a doubt among my favorite gaming mice, and probably my favorite MMO mouse. Everything just seems to work so well here.

It has fantastic specifications, an amazing claw grip, nice ergonomic feel, intuitive key-bindings and just an overall very responsive feeling to it. The only issue I could see with it is that you may have trouble with its design if you have small hands. But if that is not the case I will very much recommend you try this one out for yourself.


  • Up to 16400 DPI, 1000 Hz polling rate
  • 30G acceleration, 100-150in/s cursor speed
  • Avago sensor
  • 18 programmable buttons
  • 8-piece weight tuning set (2.4g x8)
  • 16 million adjustable color
  • USB/cable
UtechSmart Venus Laser MMO Gaming Mouse
8.4 Editors Raiting
The Good
+ Very responsive
+ Great Ergonomics
+ Insane DPI/HZ/
The Bad
- May not fit
so well in
small hands

2. Redragon M901 PERDITION Gaming Mouse

Budget mouse with unparalleled value for money

image of cheap quality gaming mouseBuy From Amazon

I didn’t have high hopes for the Redragon M901 PERDITION. Mostly because of it’s very low price compared to the other mice on this list. But this mouse surprised us very positively. Not only is it a fantastic MMO gaming mouse, it performs on par with the other, more expensive mice on the list.

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It’s only at half the price of most good gaming mice. The specifications and raw power in this mouse are outstanding and among the best on the market. How they managed to put all of that in this gaming mouse without slapping a larger price tag on it is beyond me.

It has endless customization options in the form of over 16 million colors for the LED display, weight adjustment and a decent software made specifically for this mouse. which is also very user-friendly. I struggled to find the proper title for this mouse since it’s without a doubt the best value, money can buy but it’s also among the best in term of performance. In addition, it has some of the highest specifications. Personally, I would prefer the Utech MMO mouse a tiny bit, but it’s also 3 times as expensive.

Another thing that makes this mouse stand out compared to its peers, is that it work fantastic for MMO gaming but not only that. It actually doesn’t feel as big and clunky as most MMO mice do, which makes it a fantastic mouse for gaming in general.

Final Verdict

This mouse is amazing for 3 simple reasons. The price is simply insane, it performs on par with even the best gaming mice out there and it’s actually a very diverse mouse that works great with pretty much any game genre.

The only pitfall compared to some of the others on this list is that it has kind of plastic feel to it. But then again, you can buy at least 2 of these before hitting the same price as most of its competitors.


  • 5 Dpi default modes (1000/2000/4000/8200/16400)
  • 1000 Hz polling rate
  • 30G acceleration and an Avago sensor
  • 18 programmable buttons/12 MMO programmable side buttons
  • 16 million LED color options
  • 8-piece weight tuning set
  • USB/cable

Redragon M901Laser Gaming Mouse
8.4 Editors Raiting
The Good
+ Outstanding
value for money
+ Amazing DPI/HZ/
+ Great comfort
+ Intelligent button
The Bad
- The plastic build
can feel a bit cheap

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3. Razer Naga

A true classic, whose performance just got even better

Image of a great mouse by Razer

Buy From Amazon

Of course, we had to have the mouse that started it all. The Razer Naga series were the first to make MMO specific gaming mice and that demands respect. I must say that The Naga series have always felt a bit clunky for my taste. But with the newest version they use a brilliant one-size-fits-all design which definitely makes it more ergonomic.

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Just like any other Razer mouse, this one is pumped with amazing specifications. At one point the Razer Naga was actually the fastest and most precise gaming mouse in the world. So in terms of performance, you have nothing to worry about with this timeless classic.

This mouse is the inventor of unnecessary powerful stats and the MMO mouse genre in general. And that is what makes it such a classic. If you are someone who enjoyed some of the earlier versions of the Razer Naga mouse, you will love this one! The improved specifications and improved grip design just make it a lot better than it’s predecessor.

Final Verdict

This is an amazing mouse, it has more horsepower than you’ll ever need and with the new design, it has an amazing grip.

I must admit I have a few issues with the Razer Naga. I do not love the software and usually find it to not be worth the trouble. Some of the 19 key bindings are not in the most intuitive places in my opinion. Beside that, it is still a great MMO gaming mouse and if you really enjoy Razer as a brand I would strongly recommend it.


  • 12 button thumb grid
  • One-size-fits-all ergonomic form factor
  • 16,000 DPI
  • 19 Fully Programmable Buttons
  • 16.8 million color options

Razer Naga MMO Mouse
7.9 Editors Raiting
The Good
+ One-size-fits
+ Mechanical buttons
+ Endless Custom-
The Bad
- Some keys are
in bad positions
- Troublesome

4. Logitech G600

Sturdy and safe pick for any MMO gamer

image of logitech's mmo mouseBuy From Amazon

The Logitech G600 is definitely the safe choice when picking up an MMO mouse. Which is typically the case with Logitech gaming gear. Logitech is a brand of true premium quality and I have yet to find a down right bad product from them. The safe choice may sound very dull and boring but in most cases for most people, this is actually the best choice.

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with this mouse. Even though the Logitech G600 doesn’t really excel at anything compared to the other mice on this list, it manages to also not have any real flaws.

I know the 8400 DPI may sound underwhelming compared to the 16k a lot of these mice have, but 9/10 people will not need any more than that. It is also important to remember that DPI is a highly overrated specification. It is far from alone in determining the speed/precision and acceleration of the mouse.

My own Logitech G600 has lasted for 2 years without any issues at all, and I have real doubt that any of its competitors can achieve that. The customization for this mouse is really user-friendly and easy to use, and everything this mouse has is done just like that, nice and user-friendly.

Final Verdict

This gaming mouse may not sound very exhilarating on paper. but I have no doubt that anyone will be very happy with it once they try it out. If you value lifetime, quality, performance and the security of knowing that the mouse you buy are flawless and won’t break after 6 months of use, then this is the perfect MMO gaming mouse for you!


  • 20 MMO-tuned buttons
  • 12-button thumb panel
  • 8200 DPI
  • Sculpted shape and tuned buttons
  • Mouse wheel tilts left/right

Logitech G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
7.9 Editors Raiting
The Good
+ AAA Quality
+ Great overall
+ Easy to use
The Bad
- Doesn't excel
at any thing

Hope This Helped!

4 mice may not look like much to choose from, but trust me, there are not a lot of good MMO gaming mice out there and there are definitely not better mice than the 4 on this list. I truly hope that this will help you on your adventures in the amazing world of MMO’s.

If you need more help getting prepared I would really recommend checking out, it’s the greatest place to get updated on World Of Warcraft or any other Blizzard game, with an amazing forum where you can get more advice with your gaming gear purchases.

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What is an MMO Mouse?

MMO’s such as World of Warcraft have a whole other kind of complexity than most other games. in order to perform at a high level, it’s a must to have TONS of key bindings. Which is why an MMO mouse is simply targeted at macro management and usually comes with a lot of extra hotkey on the side, designed to enhance your performance in-game.

This list was impossible to do in a chronological order. Simply because the mice that made it onto the list all performed so well and all have their strengths and weaknesses. So we decided to focus on that instead. We hope this will help you find the perfect MMO mouse for you and help you in your adventures in Azeroth!

These 4 factors are what we considered most important in our review.

  • Feel/performance – How does it feel to use? are the key bindings and design intuitive and does it perform overall?
  • Specifications/Features – What kind of engine did they put inside the gaming mouse? does it have any extra features and do they work well?
  • Quality – How durable and qualitative is the product?
  • Price – How much value for money do you get with the mouse?

These are the things we will be looking the most at. But obviously there are many other factors to consider when making in-depth reviews, so rest easy! We have taken everything from durability to the box it came in into consideration when making this list.

Q&A about MMO mice and gaming

As always, we take community questions about the subject of the article. Here is the best and most useful:

Q: I just recently started playing Wow and I’m considering getting specific mouse for it, but they seem a little overwhelming. Which would you recommend?

A: If you just started playing your first MMO, I would probably recommend you wait a bit with getting a MMO mouse. First of all, you probably don’t have the amount of abilities/spells that makes it great if you just started. Secondly, you should be focusing on enjoying the new and interesting world and not focus on macro management. But you could argue that getting the mouse and getting used to it from the start will help you a lot down the line. If you really want one, I would recommend the Reddragon Perdition. It is an extraordinary budget mouse and can even compete with the more high-end mice, but is really cheap. Therefore a safe way to try out your first MMO mouse.

Q: Is having an MMO mouse necessary to compete in an end-game massive multiplayer online environment?

A: No, absolutely not. Some of the best players I have ever played with never used an MMO mice. It is more niche than necessity, but it has the potential to significantly improve player’s skill and skill roof in particular. You can absolutely be among the best players in an MMO without a MMO mouse, but for some people, it does really improve their gameplay and capabilities.

Q: Is getting an MMO mouse really worth it?

A: Yes and no, it really depends on the player. If you are fond of maxing out your performance and enjoy playing complex playstyles that require a lot of macro management, then it certainly is worth it. Since you can really maximize your potential with one of these mice. However, if you want one just ”because you play an MMO” then the answers is probably no. A lot of people buy it just because it has the MMO label on it and it is the genre they play. But ask yourself first, would you be able to get a good deal of use out of the extra buttons?

Q: Is there any difference between the thumb button keyset on the difference MMO mice?

A: Just as it is with a keyboard, there are membrane and mechanical versions. But unlike with keyboards, the mechanical option is not simply better. The Razer Naga is a prime example of mechanical thumb keysets, while the Reddragon Perdition is an excellent membrane option. Both do incredibly well in terms of performance, but which type of keyset comes down to personal preference. However, the difference between the two is a lot smaller than with keyboards.

Q: Would you recommend an MMO type mice for any other game genre?

A: Probably not, although some incredible professionals may be able to mid-max their gameplay in competitive RTS gaming with an MMO mouse. It is definitely the exception to the rule and not the other way around. Very few games allow more macros to manage than a regular keyboard can manage, but if you do feel more comfortable with key bindings on your mouse than those on your keyboard, then who are we to say you cannot use it in other games?


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