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5 Reasons to Try out Heroes of the Storm 2.0

Heroes of the Storm is a seriously misunderstood MOBA and is deserving of a lot more attention. This is 5 big reasons you should try out Hots. Whether you are a previous Hots player or someone who has never tried it, there is a LOT of reasons

3 Future Wow Expansions That we Would Love to See

This article contains 3 of our concepts for future World of Warcraft expansions that we think would be awesome. I think it’s safe to say that the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, have yet to disappoint for the vast majority. Some people may find it too

15 Skins we need in Heroes of the Storm

Coming up with hero concepts for the Diablo and Warcraft universe in Hots got us thinking. There is a lot of awesome skin opportunities that we would love to see added to the Nexus. On this list, we will go over our top 15 most wanted skins for Heroes of the Storm.

11 Biggest & Best Games Coming in 2017

Last year was a great one for gamers, with the release of many amazing titles. Luckily, 2017 looks like it may be even better. We have taken a look at the biggest game titles coming in 2017. This list will only include the biggest triple-A titles since

The Complete Guide to Mechanical Keyboard Switches

In recent years, mechanical keyboards have gotten increasingly more popular. The reason for this is quite simple. Most gamers would agree that they are simply better for gaming than regular keyboards. This still comes down to personal preference, however. But shopping for a new mechanical keyboard can

Top 5 Diablo Characters we NEED in Heroes of the Storm

Diablo Characters we NEED in Hots As a follow-up to last week’s popular article ”10 Warcraft heroes we want in Hots”. We are now doing our list for the Diablo universe, and the characters we would be most excited to see added to Heroes of the Storm.

Top 10 Warcraft Heroes we Want in Heroes of the Storm

10 Warcraft Heroes we NEED in Hots One of the great things about heroes of the storm is that most heroes are well-known characters from one of Blizzard’s lore rich universes. This adds a lot of excitement to each hero release. It also allows the community to come