Best FPS Mouse – Complete List of the Best FPS Gaming Mice

The FPS genre is probably the type of games that benefits the most from proper gaming gear. This is simply because it’s higher paced than pretty much any other game type. And every single millisecond counts in competitive FPS gaming. Because of this, having the best fps mouse, a reliant keyboard, and a zero delay monitor is extremely valuable. Especially when trying to perform at a high level. On this list, we will be focusing on the best FPS gaming mice on the market as of 2017.

 We will be focusing mainly on these 4 key factors.

Performance – Some mice with worse specifications sometimes outperforms ones with better specifications. Therefore the actual performance of the gaming mouse is a crucial factor to consider.

Specifications/features – In FPS games, speed and accuracy are insanely important. So, of course, the actual specifications on the mouse are very important.

Quality – This is obviously strongly connected to the price factor. But some people simply don’t care that much about the price, as long as the quality is top-notch.

Value for money – As with any other product, price matters. And it’s important, how much value you get for your hard-earned money.

These factors are clearly not the only significant factors to consider. We are trying to look at everything bad and good with every gaming mouse. Those 4 are just the most crucial to their final rating.

The 7 Best Mice for FPS Gaming in 2017

1. Fk2 Zowie Gear BenQ Optical Gaming Mouse

Simplistic, yet immensely efficient ambidextrous mouse from BenQ

image of gaming mouse from BenQ

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Two things come to mind when thinking of BenQ, performance, and quality. Over the last couple of years, they have cemented them as one of the top quality brands when it comes to gaming gear.

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They don’t make flashy LED covered products with fancy names. In regards to design, they are pretty much the exact opposite of  Razer. But that does not mean that they don’t make great looking gaming gear. Personally, I am a huge fan of the slick simplistic design, and I much prefer it over the classic multi-colored LED design that most gaming brands tend to favor.

The Zowie gaming mouse is as functional as it is simplistic. It has the standard two thumb buttons on each side, which are well placed and very easy to use. In addition, it’s a simple plug-and-play gaming mouse, with no software needed nor wanted. This works well with their overall philosophy of being simple, yet effective.

It has 4 on-the-fly dpi settings, and the dpi button is easy to hit but impossible to miss click. And this is a theme that repeats itself over and over with this mouse. It uses Huano switches beneath its buttons, which makes it closer to a mechanical keyboard, in the way that it’s almost impossible to miss click any of its buttons. This is a huge plus for me, especially in FPS gaming. But if you enjoy games where you have to click spam, such as RTS or MOBA’s, this might not be the optimal choice for you. But if you are looking for a mouse for Mobas, we got you covered as well with this list.

Final Verdict

Just because it’s a very simplistic mouse, does NOT mean it’s lacking when it comes to performance. Like any other competitive gaming gear from BenQ, the performance is superb and it has great speed and precision. Making it an ideal choice for FPS gaming.

This mouse is minimalistic in the most fantastic way. It doesn’t overflow with gimmicks and software, but it still performs at a high-end top-level. If you enjoy millions of LED options, flashy design, and features, then this is not for you. But if you enjoy effectiveness, simplicity, and quality, then this is the one for you.

I personally prefer the FK2 version, and not just because it’s the newest, but it just feels a little more optimized. But the FK1 and FK1+ are also fantastic picks and works pretty much in the exact same way.


  • On-the-fly DPI switch(400-800-1600-3200)
  • Plug & play
  • USB(rubber cable)
  • Claw/grip
  • Huena Switches to reduce ghosting
Zowie BenQ FK2 Optical Mouse
8.8 Editors Raiting
The Good
-Slick simplistic design
-High-end performance
-Superb value for money
-Plug & play
The Bad
-Doesn't work well for spam click games, such as diablo or RTS'

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2. Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

The king of all-purpose gaming mice

Image of the best gaming mouse on the market

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This mouse should not come as a surprise to anyone. Even though it is not exactly an FPS mouse, it is widely regarded as the best all-purpose gaming mouse in the world. And I agree, it is the perfect overall mouse.

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The major thing that really makes the Logitech G502 stand out, is the ergonomic design. It has by far the most comfortable grip, of all mice I have ever tried, and that is saying something. The palm grip is second to none and will be very familiar to those who have tried the Logitech Mx518 classic. It has the same snuggly ergonomic design, but also a few improvements. Such as the thumb rest, which only adds to the fact that this is the most comfortable mouse on the market.

It’s sad that there is not a left-handed version yet. But is one of the very few negatives that can be said about it.

When it comes to performance it is also outstanding. It does not have same excessive over the top specifications as the G402, but that’s okay. It can perform at a top-level, that would make even a professional gamer very happy.

The mouse has an overall undeniable qualitative feel. The wire is nicely corded, so there are no annoying issues with it. Even the mouse wheels feel is of a high quality, which is actually quite rare when it comes to mice. After more than 2 years of excessive use(and I play A LOT of video games), there have been no issues at all with it. It still functions as if I’m using it for the first time.

In terms of weight, it should fit everyone nicely. Since it comes with multiple weights, that are easily adjusted.

Image of Logitech Software

screenshot of the Logitech g502 software

It comes with an easy to use software, for those that enjoy adjusting colors, keybindings etc. But it also works perfectly well as a simple plug-n-play mouse.

Some may find the pricing semi-expensive. However, when talking about value for money, then this is as good as it gets.

If I have to try to mention something negative, it might be that there is a small chance your hand will not fit its ergonomic design. However, we have yet to find anyone that doesn’t love the shape it.

Final Verdict

This is my favorite mouse for MOBA’s, overall gaming and for FPS it is no different. If you are purely an fps gamer then you can get something close to equally good for less money. But if you enjoy many different game genres, then this is the best mouse for you. It is superb for fps, MOBA, RTS, MMO and every other gaming genre out there.

Any list with this mouse on it will have a clear winner. This is once again my ‘Editors Choice’, and I recommend it to any gamer, looking to spoil themselves.

I found this to be a great upgrade of the timeless MX518 classic gaming mouse from Logitech. And people who love the older model will definitely adore this one.


  • 11 programmable buttons
  • Weight tuning system
  • Logitech software
  • Adjustable tracking, dpi, and ips
  • Adjustable colors
  • Ergonomic design
Logitech G502
9.4 Editors Raiting
The Good
-Best grip on the market
-Superb performance
-Endless adjustability
-Intuitive thumb buttons
-Easy to use software
-Works great as a plug-n-play mouse
The Bad
-No left handed version

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3. Razer Deathadder Chroma

The world’s most popular gaming mouse

image of Razer mouse

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It’s hard for me to come up with new stuff to say about the Razer Deathadder Chroma. Since it has been in so many of my top list of the best gaming gear. This mouse is the all-time most popular gaming mouse in the world, and there is a clear reason for this.

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Usually, Razer has a tendency to value looks, LED lighting and cool names over real quality, but sometimes they just nail it. And that is exactly what the Razer Deathadder is, the best Razer product to ever be produced and one of the best gaming mice ever in the world.

It is not because it excels at any one thing, but it excels at almost anything and everything. it has more horsepower than you will ever need, in terms of speed and acceleration. It has a perfectly optimized optical sensor, that grants outstanding precision. The palm grip is the best Razer has ever made and trumps most other gaming mice. And in addition to all this, it is a highly customizable gaming mouse, with tons of LED lighting options and more.

Make no mistake, this is not an fps targeted product, it’s clearly an all-purpose mouse. Which is why it is so astounding that it manages to reach my top list of fps mice. But the thing is, it could reach any top 10 for mice in any genre of games, which is why it’s so insanely popular.

Final Verdict

I would strongly recommend this mouse to any type of gamer, and FPS gamers are no different. But if you are only focusing on FPS gaming I may recommend one of the others on this list. This mouse is for you if you love the FPS genre, but also like to dwell in other genres. My own criticism of this mouse is that it is suffering from the regular Razer Chroma software, which in my opinion is not very user-friendly.


  • 10,000dpi optical sensor
  • 200 inches per second and 50g acceleration.
  • 16.8 million customizable color options
  • Palm/grip
Razer Deathadder Chroma
9.0 Editors Raiting
The Good
- Optical sensor
- World's most popular gaming mouse
- Amazing speed, precision and acceleration
- Nice palm grip
The Bad
- Complicated and inefficient software


4. SteelSeries Sensei

Timeless Plug-&-play gaming mouse with a steely performance 

Image of the best fps gaming mouse by SteelSeries

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From one classic to another. The Steelseries Sensei has been a fan favorite for a long time, and we certainly understand why. It has a minimalistic, yet effective design, which very well mirrors its performance.

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This mouse is not stuffed with features and crazy over the top specifications. This does however not mean that its performance isn’t outstanding, it just means that it’s focused.

By this, I mean that it does not have a thousand key-bindings, 12 different dpi settings etc. But instead, it has a much greater focus on simplicity. It has outstanding surface traction, with an inch-perfect precision. Which is really one of the most important things, when looking at fps mice.

In terms of speed, dpi, and acceleration. It does not go as high as some of the other picks on this list, but it’s maxed settings are more than enough for 90% of gamers out there. So unless you are used to outrageous speed/dpi settings, this will serve you well.

Final Verdict

The design is really what will make or break it for most people. It has a great ambidextrous shape, which some people will love and some hate. Personally, I prefer a more ergonomic design if it’s done right. But a lot of mice goes for an ergonomic design, but just end up being a bad fit for a lot of people. Whereas an ambidextrous shape really fits everyone. Doesn’t really matter if you are left-handed if you have small or large hands etc. This mouse will fit you nicely.

If you really enjoy the ergonomic shape of most Logitech mice, then this ambidextrous design may be a major downside for you.

The simplicity of this design makes it an ideal plug-n-play mouse. So if you don’t tend to enjoy software attached to your gaming gear, this is a perfect pick.


  • 7 Programmable buttons
  • Ambidextrous design
  • Plug-n-play USB
  • SteelSeries ExactSens, FreeMove, ExactAim, and ExactLift
Steelseries Sensei
8.3 Editors Raiting
The Good
-Ambidextrous shape
-Superb surface traction
-Well placed thumb buttons
The Bad
-Few dpi settings

5. Corsair M65 PRO RGB FPS Mouse

Powerful fps mouse, covered in a high-quality build

image of 2 mice from Corsair gaming gear

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Corsair has always put high focus on FPS games when producing their gaming gear. This gaming mouse is no different. and it is obvious how it was built with a love of FPS gaming in mind. It has a strong focus on everything essential for FPS gaming, such as precision, speed, and acceleration.

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It has a very smooth and well placed DPI switch that goes up to 12.000 DPI. Which just adds a smoothness to the gameplay, when you want to switch up your DPI on the fly.

A thing that really surprised me is the fact that the sniper button actually has real value. Most FPS mice with a sniper button tends to be there for the sake of having it. Instead of for the sake of improving your gaming experience. But with this Corsair gaming mouse, it really adds to your gameplay and works really fantastic to enhance your performance in certain situations. It is worth noting that the sniper button is not very useful in high-paced competitive games, such as Overwatch and CS-GO. But it works really well in games like Battlefield and Call of Duty, due to the fact that aiming is more realistic and slow.

The aircraft-grade aluminum structure gives a real feeling of sturdiness, quality and makes the mouse look SO good. Certainly one of the most stunning mice I have ever had my hands on. The aluminum core does add quite a bit of weight to it though. This can be a big con or pro, depending on who you ask. Personally, I like the feeling that the mouse is more grounded.

The grip works great if you prefer a claw grip, and fits very nicely unless you have very small hands. Claw grip can, however, be a bit annoying in long gaming sessions, as it does cause your hands to fatigue faster than a palm grip.

Another minor downside, in my opinion, is the software, it was not very intuitive and kind of illogical. But if you don’t mind spending a bit of time with the software, you should be fine since it’s all about getting used to it. It’s also perfectly fine if you don’t care about the software, seeing as it works fine as a plug-and-play mouse.

Final Verdict

I am happy to say that this is my favorite Corsair gaming mouse to date. It has everything that Corsair is always amazing at, such as the aluminum design, fantastic specifications, and great overall performance.

I’d categorize this mouse as a niche gaming mouse. Simply because it’s weight and claw grip are not for everyone. But if you don’t mind those things, it’s a superb FPS mouse. But it also works quite well in most other game types. I am not a big fan of the software but that is such a minor problem, and I don’t personally mind it as a plug-and-play mouse.


  • 12000 DPI 
  • Aluminum structure
  • Lightweight
  • 8 Key bindings
  • 20 million clicks durability 
Corsair FPS Gaming Mouse
8.1 Editors Raiting
The Good
- Stunning aluminium structure
- Up to 12.000 DPI
- Well placed key-bindings
- Useful sniper button
The Bad
- Un intuitive software
- Quite Heavy

6. Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury

Lightweight mouse with a LOT of raw power

image of the best fps gaming mouse

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Every list of great gaming mice needs 1 or 2 Logitech mice, and for FPS the G402 is a fantastic option. This mouse is illogically fast, and it has the AMAZING acceleration to back it up. The G402 has a max speed of 500ips, which if you are not familiar with mouse specifications, is more than anyone in the world will ever need.

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Just like most Logitech mice, it has an amazing qualitative feel, even though it’s very lightweight, which also compliments its speed well. It has fantastic ergonomics, with its curvy shape it feels like it has been custom tailored to your hand personally, pretty much no matter the size of your hands.

I don’t know how Logitech does it but their design always has a fantastic palm grip and the G402 is no exception. It doesn’t feel quite as good in your hand as its big brother, the G502, but still amazing.

having great speed and acceleration is, of course, important for any FPS mouse. But it also has great features such as the sniper button.This allows you to go from 4000 to 250 in the blink of an eye. I found this to be great in games like Call of Duty and especially Battlefield 4, with the more realistic sniping gameplay. I did however not find it very useful in very high paced games, such as CS-GO and Overwatch. Simply because you cannot afford to slow down in those type of games. But that is just my personal opinion.

For those who enjoy installable software for their gaming mouse, this mouse will make you very happy. It has a very user-friendly software, that allows for tons of customizability.

Final Verdict

I have yet to do a negative review on a Logitech gaming mouse, and this won’t change today.

The Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury has it all, great design, ergonomics, specifications, software and an overall remarkable performance.

You should NOT buy it for the sniper button since it’s not nearly as amazing as it sounds. And it can actually at times be annoying since it is in a position to be accidentally pushed.


  • 1000 Hz (1ms) Microprocessor: 32-bit
  • Fusion Engine hybrid sensor
  • 8 programmable buttons, On-the-fly DPI Switching
  • 4 on-the-fly DPI settings, Tracking Resolution: 240-4000 dpi Max.
  • Acceleration: >16G* Max. speed: >500 ips
Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury
8.5 Editors Raiting
The Good
- Clever key binding placement
- Outstanding performance
- Great software
- A lot of value for money
The Bad
- Mediocre mouse wheel
- Very light
- No left hand edition

7. UtechSmart Uranus Optical Gaming Mouse

Undervalued fps & moba hybrid

image of Utech gaming mouse

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The few times I have had the pleasure of trying a mouse from Utech has been very positive. And I honestly don’t know why they haven’t become a major brand within gaming yet. This mouse is qualitative, ergonomic, innovative and performs great.

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The mouse comes in an amazing case, with great product protection. That sends a really strong signal of value and quality about the product and makes sure there’s no problem with it when it arrives at your door.

The mouse does not have quite the same performance in terms of speed and acceleration as the other picks on the list. But what it lacks in that, it makes up for in customization options capabilities. And that is really what makes this one stand out, you can customize it to fit your personal preferences perfectly.

The software that you get along with the mouse is such a joy. It’s easy to use, easy to master and you can literally customize everything. It is so rare to see well-crafted gaming gear software nowadays, but this is one of the few.

The last thing that makes this gaming mouse very unique is the side key bindings. It is not the standard 2 button thumb buttons, it’s 5 fully programmable side buttons in a very clever design that’s  intuitive to use. At Least once you get used to it, which only took around 2 hours. This feature is not really targeted at fps but more so at MMO gaming. But luckily they are not easily miss clicked, which just makes it a nice extra feature, that also adds to your customization options.

Final Verdict

If you don’t know exactly what you want in a gaming mouse, then this is exactly the mouse you want. First of all, it’s a very nice overall gaming mouse, with everything a great mouse should have. But the fact is that you can customize it to be exactly as you want it, is what makes it a great pick. You can decide on everything from the color on each part of the LED to what each single button should do, and everything in between.

I must also admit that I really fell in love with the innovative 5 thumb key-binding design. And that is probably what I will miss the most when using other mice. There is a reason this mouse has a 4.8/5 user score on amazon, it’s quite hard to say anything bad about it.


  • Up to 16.000 DPI, 1000 Hz polling rate, 30G acceleration, 100-150in/s cursor speed
  • Avago sensor
  • 13 programmable buttons,
  • Over 16 million LED color options. 
  • TEFLON feet pads and contour body
  • 14 buttons, 5 side buttons
  • Braided cable
UtechSmart Uranus Optical Gaming Mouse
7.8 Editors Raiting
The Good
- Customization options are endless
- Easy-to-use software
- Innovative key-bindings
- Teflon body
The Bad
- Can feel a bit too small

FPS Gaming

First person shooters have been a dominant force in gaming, ever since Doom and Wolfenstein opened the genre to the mainstream audience in the early 90’s. The popularity of this genre started skyrocketing most of all due to games like Goldeneye, Battlefield and Tom Clancy’s rainbow six. But FPS games would not be what it is today, without Valve Corporation’s Counter Strike 1.6 and Half-Life Opposing Force. Because these games were the first BIG competitive games in the genre. But A LOT has happened since. Today FPS is finally a HUGE part of the E-sport scene and with games like CS-GO and Overwatch, it’s easy to see why.

Best of the Best

This list is hand-picked with the highest user reviewed FPS focused gaming mice on the market. Making the ones to make that it on this list the best of the best. In addition, this list will not be chronological, seeing as the mice that actually made it onto this list are all brilliant, and each is better than the other in different ways. And therefore your own preference is very important, so we will try to highlight each mice strengths and weaknesses. In order to make it easy for you to find the one that fits your personal play style.

Q&A FPS Mouse Edition

Q: What Specifications should I look for in an fps mouse?

A: If you have some base knowledge of how dpi and acceleration work with mice, and how it works for you. Then that is a great thing to start with, but if you don’t know too much about it then it may cause you to buy the wrong one. So unless you know how DPI and acceleration function, then don’t look for it. Other than that I would focus on whether or not you want an optical or laser mouse and find one from that criteria. Most FPS gamers prefer optical and it is considered the best one for FPS gaming, but it comes down to your individual opinion.

Q: What mice do they use in professional CS-GO gaming?

A: There are quite a few mice that are prominent in the FPS eSport business. Among the most popular are the Zowie FK series, the Logitech G502, Steelseries Sensei and the Razer Deathadder. All of which are used by multiple pro gamers each.

Q: Does the sniper button function well for Overwatch

A: That really depends on which mice we are talking about since a lot of mice out there has a horrible ‘snipe’ button function. However, assuming it is a good one, like the one on the G402 and Corsair M65, then yes it can really help. However, it is a little hard getting used to. Going from incredible high dpi to a very low in a split second is hard to play around, but if you learn to master it then you will really improve your skillset. You may have seen professional FPS gamers move their mouse like it was a tractor wheel, that is because they have their snipe button activated, in order to gain better precision.

Q: Which FPS games are the biggest in eSports?

A: CS-GO is by far the biggest eSport FPS game, and there is really no other game close to it in terms of a prize pool. Other big games are Overwatch, Call of Duty and Battlefield 1. Overwatch may even compete with the player base of CS-GO, but not the prize pool yet.

Q: Will an FPS specific mouse really give an edge over my opponents when gaming?

A: Yes, especially in FPS gaming. FPS is likely the game genre that requires the most acceleration, speed, and precision of all game types in the world. Which mean that having an excellent fps mouse, with outstanding performance will most definitely give you an edge when gaming. It is almost a requirement if you play at a highly competitive level. There is a reason that all pro gamers use a specific mouse.


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